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Need assistance?  

Our brokers are standing by:

M-F  9AM-6PM (EST)

(800) 371 2555

Business owners insurance serves the insurance needs of business entities rather than individuals.  Entertainment Insurance Broker offers cheap rates on quality Business Owner Policies (BOP).  Basic protection in a BOP can include: business liability, fire legal liability, building and business personal property, equipment breakdown, workers compensation, commercial auto coverage, money and securities, business income interruption and identity theft, to name only a few.  Allow us to advise you on a suitable program based on your specific needs.





Need assistance?  

Our brokers are standing by:

M-F  9AM-6PM (EST)

(800) 371 2555


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Protects your office operation from claims arising out of injuries to your clients or the general public, or from damage to the property of others. Protection extends up to your policy's limits. Included is coverage for premises-operations, products-completed operations, personal injury and advertising injury liability. Defense costs as a result of such claims are covered regardless of fault, in addition to your policy's limits.

The program offers valuable enhancements to the Commercial Auto product, such as providing excess coverage for hired autos and extending legal liability coverage for negligent drivers.

The program offers accessible and affordable Workers’ Compensation coverage to meet your needs as a small business owner. The program’s coverage is distinguished by expert underwriting, exceptional claims handling, and a variety of managed care and cost containment services, such as provider networks, nurse case managers and a Return-to-Work program.

This enhancement protects the business owner(s) in the event of the theft of his/her personal identity. Identity theft strikes millions of Americans each year and costs our economy billions. While financial institutions are normally responsible for stolen funds or fraudulent charges, identity theft victims often have to spend their own money and a significant amount of time and energy to clear their credit history and correct identity records.

In the event of covered loss, this coverage will reimburse insureds for actual loss of earnings for up to 12 months. Even losses due to down-time or extra expenses needed to restore operations (such as additional property rental) are covered.

You are protected against legal liability (up to $300,000 per occurrence) for damage caused by fire, lightning or explosion to that portion of the premises you lease and occupy for your office. (As an option, the $300,000 limit per occurrence may be increased to $500,000 or $1 million.)


Business Liability:


Fire Legal Liability:

Building and Business Personal Property:


Equipment Breakdown:


Workers’ Compensation:


Commercial Auto Coverage:


Money and Securities: 


Business Income Interruption:


Identity Theft:

Pays to repair or replace your building and any equipment, stock, furniture or fixtures that you own, up to your policy's limit.

Protects insured’s against breakdowns of all kinds of equipment--including computers, scanning equipment, phone systems, communications systems, air conditioners, refrigeration systems and much more.

Your money and securities are protected up to $10,000 at your covered location, or when deposited in a bank or savings institution, and up to $5,000 when located off the premises. (As an option, the $5,000 outside limit may be increased to $10,000.)