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Need assistance?  

Our brokers are standing by:

M-F  9AM-6PM (EST)

(800) 371 2555

Entertainment Insurance Broker offers cheap coverage on quality Lawyers Professional Liability Insurance.  This program is designed specifically for the legal industry. Comprehensive Lawyers Professional Liability programs include, specially tailored professional liability insurance as well as a unique risk services component.


At Entertainment Insurance Broker we have access to multiple insurance carriers and work with a wide range of small business professionals. This allows us to consider a broad range of areas of practice. Our programs focus on primary insurance for small to medium-sized law firms with an open brokerage minimum premium of $25,000 and a minimum deductible of $25,000. 


Need assistance?  

Our brokers are standing by:

M-F  9AM-6PM (EST)

(800) 371 2555


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We offer law firms a wide range of benefits including:


Unique team approach to service


Financial security


Primary and excess coverage


Substantial capacity up to $10 million


Unique, cost-saving risk management services


Experienced professionals dedicated to lawyers professional  liability


Dedicated Risk Management Hotline Service to hold confidential consultations with experienced attorneys on risk managment or professional liability issues


Dedicated Risk Management Web Site for information and ability to email questions that are answered by professional liability lawyers

Primary policies can vary among states but generally include:


Broad definition of professional services


Multiple extended reporting period (tail) options


Personal injury coverage


Awareness provision


Innocent insured coverage


Worldwide coverage


Reduced deductible for arbitrated or mediated claims


Coverage for defense of disciplinary proceedings


Generous loss of earnings coverage for appearing at trials and hearings


Automatic coverage for counsels, independent contractors and per diem lawyers



Specialized Coverage for Lawyers

Features of the Lawyers Program