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Entertainment Insurance Broker Special Events insurance program is here to guarantee your peace of mind, regardless of whether you are organizing your own wedding, or are helping to plan the upcoming concert your company is sponsoring. Our Special Events insurance program covers events held anywhere in the United States, Canada, and worldwide. We routinely work with concert promoters, concert producers and booking agents. We can provide venue insurance for bands touring in the United States. Whether you are putting on a large event with thousands of attendees or a small private gathering, we can give you the best insurance coverage at competitive prices. Our Special Events insurance program offers protection for over 200 types of special events, big or small.


How Much Does Special Event Insurance Cost?

While every policy and event are different, ballpark premium pricing for short term general liability coverage event production insurance starts at $300.00 (attendance, location, type of events are all underwriting criteria to determine the actual premium pricing).  All event policies come with commercial general liability of at least $1,000,000.  Higher limits, additional coverage and longer term annual coverage is also available.  Please note each event application is separately quoted and priced.  Although we do our best to give you the cheapest rate possible, we also want to give you the best policy available.  Our brokerage team contacts all markets on your behalf to provide the lowest priced event production insurance premium and best coverage option for your project.








Film Screenings






Political Fundraisers

Religious Activites


Enjoy your show knowing that your investment is protected from the unexpected. Our Special Events insurance programs can include coverage such as:


*Commercial General Liability

*Other liabilities related to (a) automobiles and damage to property,

 (b) Liquor liability and (c) third party property damage.

*Loss or destruction of rented or owned equipment, sets, props, and wardrobe

*Losses from paying for the medical coverage of event participants and spectators

*Losses from event cancellation, for reasons including adverse weather conditions

*Workers' compensation expense 

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Recently Entertainment Insurance Broker provided insurance for Def Jam's 30th Anniversary Concert at the legendary Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  We frequently cover events held in major U.S. concert halls in New York, Nashville, Austin and other major U.S. cities.  Our brokers are well versed in satisfying the complex insurance requirements of these venues, especially New York's Madison Square Garden and Radio City Music Hall, as well as many others. We work with different insurance markets to encompass all music genres including rap, Latin, electronic dance, rock, etc.


The content displayed on this website is for informational purposes only and is not an offer of insurance.  The purpose of the provided information is to assist in the general understanding of available coverage and does not modify the terms and conditions of any insurance policy, nor does it imply that any claim is covered.  Coverage is subject to underwriting approval and the referenced coverage on this website may not be available in all territories and may vary depending on exposure. Coverage is also subject to minimum premiums that may vary by state.


Read Definitions of Insurance for more details.  


Insurance Companies

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We have programs suited for all event sizes: big and small. Let our experienced brokers find you the most competitively priced policies for your low budget, one-day continuing education seminar or your high budget week long music festival. Enjoy the same professional attention. Entertainment Insurance Brokers have access to all available A-rated insurance markets.


An independent broker with 20 years of industry experience is standing by to find you the best suited programs at the most competitive premiums.

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